Meet Craig Tucker. he’s not really a bad boy.

Meet Craig Tucker. he’s not really a bad boy.

I really liked your Ryuko art! You should do more Kill la Kill! <3

Thanks!! i’ll try!! i want to get into a convention someday and sell some art so i need to start making some pictures.

sorry anon

but i dont think i’m going to do palettes anytime soon

maybe when i feel like doing some, i’ll try D:

yes i love homestuck

Hi. Thanks so much for the arts. I requested Equius and Prussia. Both of them are fantastic. I really like your drawing style.

oh thanks!!!! im really glad you like them!! :D





when you can’t draw anything but eyes





hey, do you have a tablet or do you use a mouse? if you do use a mouse, do you have any tips on how to get the lines so smooth and nice?

i use a tablet but i have a friend and she uses a mouse well she used to but she still does the same thing right now.

if you have sai, i’m your gal

so theres this line tool thing and hoooly shit. lines yooo. 

looks like this

click on the one with the red circle, thats the line tool.

to make smooth lines, use the curve lines and just make dots as you go. it automatically curves. you just gotta know where to put the dots to control the curve but thats really easy so you don’t need to worry

(same with lines.)

i don’t know if stabilizer works with mouse but above you should see a stabilizer. when you click it you will see numbers and some other numbers with an S

i like to use S-2 for smooth lines. the higher the number, the slower/smoother the line will be

i made a speed paint of jinx from league of legends.